As part of The Handmade Festival’s free and simple creative #CraftAtHome series, we’re going to be sharing some of our fabulous experts’ favourite craft activities step-by-step, so you can get creative, inspired and try yourself at home!

First up as part of our #CraftAtHome series is Paula Milner, who you may know as The Crafty Lass. Paula’s real passion for craft was born out of crafting for her own wedding, where she turned the event into a year-long project. After hand-making her table runners, napkin holders, cake topper, hundreds of fabric flowers for the aisles and tables for her big day, Paula discovered her love for the creative industry and quit her 9-5 job to follow her creative dream.

Fast forward a few years, The Crafty Lass has been a Festival favourite for many years where she teaches everybody at the event to make, create and inspire.

In this how-to-guide, The Crafty Lass teaches us how to upcycle clothes into bunting in a cost effective, simple and creative way, which Paula calls ‘Memory Bunting’.


The Crafty Lass’ Memory Bunting

Supplies and tools

Pencil & Ruler (optional)
Pins (optional)
Sewing Machine
Bias Binding or Wide Ribbon


  1. Collate your fabrics or clothes that you would like to use for your bunting. You could use up fabric or even scraps you already have, upcycle some bedding – or even use clothes that are no longer fit for purpose. For this guide, I have used baby grows. I started collecting my favourite patterned baby clothes from when my first son was born. Once he had outgrown something it went into the ‘upcycle’ bag and so far, I have bunting every year. I plan to do this each birthday until he is 18 (and for my second son too), so that they can have celebratory bunting to celebrate their life. I can see memories engrained within each little triangle!

TIP #1: Don’t be frightened of including things like seams, pockets, edges into the main bunting triangle shape – it might be slightly harder to sew and perhaps even off centre, but don’t worry if it’s not perfect – it’ll add to the personality!


  1. Cut out a triangle shape from paper as big or small as you would like (if using clothes or scraps, you will obviously need to make sure the triangle is smaller than the fabric you have). Cut out as many as you might need for whatever length bunting you would like to make.


TIP #2: The easiest way to make an ‘even’ sided triangle is to fold a piece of paper in half, cut a diagonal line and then unfold your paper so each side is the same. You could draw this with a ruler and pencil if you prefer first.


  1. Lay your paper template on your chosen fabrics (pin if desired) and cut out your triangle shapes. You will need two triangles per bunting flag.


  1. Put two triangles right sides together and sew down one side with a straight running stitch on your sewing machine using 1-2cm sewing seam allowance. Pivot and sew up the other side leaving the top part of your triangle open. Repeat with all your cut out triangles.        


  1. Turn your triangles out the right way, pushing the point as far as possible.


TIP #3: If using thick fabric, it may help to trim away some of the excess fabric as much as you can (still leaving a gap between the edge and your stitching) and then trying to push out.


  1. Press your triangles so they are nice and flat.


  1. Take your bias binding and place your bunting flags inside, pin into position. Keep the gap between each flag approximately the same. If you do not have bias binding, you can use a wide ribbon folder in half.


TIP #4: You can also make your own bias binding with fabrics and pressing with an iron into position. Both Google and YouTube have lots of video tutorials on how to do this.


  1. Sew with a simple straight running stitch (or, you could go decorative if you like) to enclose the flags inside.


Et Voila! Bunting, done.


Have you made The Crafty Lass’ Memory Bunting? We’d love to see your creation! Tag us and The Crafty Lass in your posts – we can’t wait to see what you create! Catch The Crafty Lass every day at The Handmade Festival, taking place at Battersea Park from Friday 11th – Sunday 13th September.


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