• Crafty Lass Wedding Cake Topper


- Wooden Peg

- Paint (in appropriate colours for your scheme)

- Pens such as felt, fine-liners and/or Sharpies

- Fabric, lace and/or ribbon

- Glue



- Scissors

- Glue gun (optional)

- Small paint brush


A wonderful way to personalise your wedding cake with a handmade peg cake topper - you could make the bride’s ‘dress’ and groom’s ‘suit’ to match your own wedding scheme!

The example one was used at my own wedding and has an added nice touch in that the fabric used to create ‘my dress’ came from my mum’s own wedding outfit - from a ribbon on a hat she wore! It was part of our ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…’. It’s quite cute that when you pinch the peg together, it looks like the bride and groom are kissing!




Paint on the groom’s shirt and suit in appropriate colour paint. I’ve used acrylic, but you could use any paint really, even household paint tester pots! If painting a pale colour shirt it is best to paint this first, allow to dry and then paint on the suit over the top for a crisp finish.



As this wedding dress was white/cream, I painted a layer of white paint on to the other side underneath so a more ‘realistic’ finish. I painted both out and inside the peg carefully with a thin brush.



Once all the paint is dry, using felt/Sharpie/fine-liner pens for the details, draw on to make the bride and groom’s hair, eyes and bride’s lips. I have also added on a thin line to represent the groom’s tie, and the bride’s shoes!



Once all the paint and pens are dry, cut your lace, fabric or ribbon into shape and using fabric or strong glue (I used a hot-glue gun) attach to the peg on the bride’s side to represent her ‘dress’. To make the ‘3D effect’ I pinched the fabric into a pleat which has allow the dress to billow out behind. My dress was a 1950’s style dress so it suited this look – but have a play around with how you want yours to look!



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